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Skeptical is an investigative podcast seeking truth to claims of wrongful conviction. In our first seaon, we discuss the case of State of Alabama v. Daniel Blan. Blan was convicted of murdering his adoptive father, Michael Bernos, in 1997. He says he's innocent, but is he telling the truth? We'll find out this season on Skeptical.

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Chris & Crab Take on America

Chris & Crab Take on America is an all-American podcast that discusses popular culture, politics, parenting, and more from the perspective of two deep-fried white boys turned barbeque dads. It is currently in production and expected to make its debut late summer 2018.

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The Common Man

The Common Man is a faith-based podcast with host Chris Faulkner about the common misconceptions regarding the Christian faith, and how you can help develop your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Common Man is currently in production and expected to air Fall 2018.