October 13, 2018

Today has been rough both physically and emotionally. Our baby girl is struggling with mucus from this cold and it has caused us several breathing scares today. We have spent the entire day asking her to cough and suctioning the mucus. This is really the first chance I have gotten to sit down and check my phone.

Annadelle is now where she can’t be without oxygen. When we remove the mask even for a minute, her numbers drop rapidly. It is because of this cold. The only thing we can really do is wait for her body to fight off the virus and pray she doesn’t develop pneumonia. It could be a week or even more, just depending on her body.

Because of this mucus, RTs are coming in every 4 hours and putting the vest on her. They have also tried a machine called a cough assist hoping to help her cough some of it out of her lungs. So far only one of the RTs has truly known how to operate it, but it didn’t do much good. She just isn’t strong enough to cough.

Friends, please continue to pray for our baby girl. I am sick with worry and exhausted from our hospital stay so far. I feel as if God is giving me much more than I can handle and am really praying for some relief not only for myself, but for my precious baby girl. I am simply overwhelmed with worry and ready to go home.