October 12, 2018

We have had a pretty terrific day today, something I didn’t expect after the night we had. She was complaining of back pain, but we think it could have just been poop! lol

We have had several friends send care packages (thank you notes are on the way!) including some gifts pictured here like her new pink blanket by April Kay McMillan. Check out April’s page because she has a shop where she sells custom gifts like this.

Annadelle also had her first school lesson today with Miss Anne. Anne is one of the teachers here at the hospital school and has been coordinating lessons with Annadelle’s teacher so that she won’t be so behind when she finally gets to go back to OBES. One of her assignments was to write a letter to her teacher, Andrea Lynn, and she should be getting it soon (SPOILER: It’s pictured here). She did well with her writing considering she still has pretty limited movement of her right hand, but it is improving!

We have noticed today Annadelle is getting stronger in many areas including her swallowing, talking, hand motor movements, and even arching her back. Unfortunately there is still no movement at all in her left leg or foot, so we are continuing to pray and trust that God will improve this soon.

Sorry I have not had a chance to update much today or yesterday. I’m trying to get some affairs in order such as paying bills or handling our AirBNB, which we have only been able to do thanks to my mom and Aunt Patty. We have some great family and friends, that’s for sure.

Link to April’s page (Custom Cuties by April McMillan): https://www.facebook.com/aprilscustomcuties/