November 16, 2018

We have learned today that BCBS will not pay for our transport to KKI. KKI has received our referral and is looking over it, but we have not been accepted yet. If we are accepted today (a *high* possibility), there isn't a bed available until mid-December (as of now) so we are trying to find another place to go in the meantime.

We feel that we are being pressured into going to Children's of Birmingham because that is just where they send a lot of their inpatient rehab patients from this hospital. CoB does not specialize in spinal cord rehab like somewhere like KKI or the Sheppard Center in Atlanta and it doesn't take a medical professional to understand that because of her diagnosis, she needs special care.

We are feeling very overwhelmed today. I'm asking for extra prayers of peace, comfort, and patience. We know when the light seems dim, the Lord comes through in a big way. We are trusting Him for many blessings.

Annadelle did pretty awesome today in PT. Miss Megan helped us “walk” around the unit in the gait trainer. She did a lot better with it today. She seems to be improving just a little bit each day.

When PT is not here with us, we have been doing exercises with her ourselves. Sometimes she will do more with us than she will with PT, but she does more for Miss Kaelin than anyone. She has come to know and love Kaelin. Kaelin is a PT student who has chosen Annadelle’s case as herassignment. I guess she has to write a case study or whatnot, so we gave her permission to use Annadelle’s case for school. We want other students to be able to learn about the benefits of PT regarding this rare disease.

Annadelle is so ready to go back to school. She kept asking me to take her to see Miss Ann (one of the hospital teachers that has been working with her) to do school today. We have been trying to work with her each day but there are some days she just isn’t up to it. I hope she doesn’t get too far behind.