Since 2017, our goal has been to make an impact through the use of spoken word and audio mediums.



Reckon Recordings is a small, mobile recording studio specializing in podcast production and media management. Based out of Orange Beach, Alabama, we host two employees full time and contract talented freelance artists and creators for our media productions. We proudly support digital artists of 99Designs for all of our graphic design and illustration needs. 

Our most notable project is Skeptical, an investigative podcast that takes a second look at claims of wrongful conviction. You can listen to the first season of Skeptical, a 10-part podcast series, on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, or wherever you get your podcasts. Click here for direct links to listen.

Meet Our Staff


Neeli Faulkner, Managing partner

As Managing Partner, Neeli manages all new and ongoing productions. 

She is the creator and host of Skeptical, a podcast that investigates stories of those who claim they have been wrongfully convicted.

Neeli also creates and designs much of Reckon's visual media, manages all of our social media accounts, and mixes all audio recordings and productions.


Chris Faulkner, director

Chris is also a creator and producer. He is the co-host of an all-American podcast called Chris & Crab Take On America (CCTOA). CCTOA discusses popular culture, politics, parenting and more from the perspective of two deep-fried white boys turned barbeque dads.

He also manages all of Reckon's visual production including aerial drone photography and videography. He is a certified UAS pilot through the Federal Aviation Administration.


Tyrel Tucker

Tyrel is the co-host of Chris & Crab Take On America.


chantrece martin

Chantrece is our editorial advisor for Skeptical. She reviews and edits episodes to make sure we don't miss anything important.